UID Project gets a new name and logo- Aadhaar Project

UID Project has been rechristened as ‘Aadhaar’ and has got a new logo too.

As many people were getting confused with the present UID name, we renamed it, so that it could be recognised across the country, could resonate in different languages and could be easy to remember and pronounce. The unique number will be the ‘AADHAR’ or foundation through which the citizen can claim his/her rights and entitlements when assured of equal opportunities, as symbolised by the logo, which has the halo of the Sun on the imprint of a thumb. – Nandan Nilekani.

”]Aadha Project [UID's new Brand Identity]Aadhar project, apart from scanning fingerprints will also scan your iris, as part of biometric data collection.

The project is undergoing PoCs in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Bihar and the first phase of UID will be launched in Feb of 2011.

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