In A New Low, Government Wants Matrimonial Websites To Use Aadhar Card Authentication

How do you stop crime in the country? Take control of stalkers. How do you do that? Ask matrimonial sites to authenticate using aadhar card!
That’s the new new logic by Minister for Women and Child Development Maneka Gandhi.

“The minister has suggested using Aadhaar card details to authenticate profiles and by early next year all matrimonial sites will have to comply. She has also asked them to crack down on fake profiles. “

What’s next? Dating sites too would be asked to use aadhar card ? Ofcourse, aadhar has its own benefits and is a great fit for utility services, but how is an intent (of rape etc) related to an authentication tool?
Where is governance? Is governance all about blocking new tools?
#MakeInIndia – but #DONOTSELLININDIA, that’s what the government wants the entrepreneurs to do.
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