This pic depicts a lot about aadhar and the scary side of it

A lot!

Aadhar : The other side!
Aadhar : The scary side!
When you are identified by a number and the number has every piece of info about you – a lot is at stake.
A lot ! Especially when it’s being used by agencies who may not be following security checks to safeguard your data.
[pic : taken from ongrid website/via : India stack tweet which has been deleted.]

  1. This is the only side of Aadhar. All others are incentives to bring everyone under Aadhar network and those incentives could have been achieved without the personal information linked with Aadhar. One should watch J. Edgar (2011) movie on powerful head of the F.B.I. for nearly 50 years to understand why government assign a number to finger prints and retina information collected from citizens.

  2. I don’t think this is very accurate. The agencies which use the Aadhar like Jio for eKYC and banks for authenticating the identities only get a YES/NO answer from the uidai servers. They don’t get all the details like shown in the picture. They send iris details or fingerprints and they are matched from the database by uidai servers.
    This behaviour is as per the documentation from UIDAI. Also, one can easily confirm this via an RTI.

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