Indian Government to Kill Aakash Tablet? To Dump Tablets to Rural India

Aakash tablet has been the buzzing word of the year 2011 and while the makers of Aakash tablet have been having a ball, few reports suggest that government might refuse to extend the letter of credit (LC) to Montreal-based DataWind and the government plans to dump these tablets to rural villages.

The HRD ministry had initially placed an order for one lakh units with DataWind. It received 30,000 Aakash tabs as part of the pilot run. But it proved a disaster after poor the feedback received concerning these tabs. DataWind had reportedly refused to upgrade the second tranche of 70,000 Aakash tablets with improved specifications, for which it sought more funds. However, it will supply the second tranche of improved Aakash tablets at the original price of Rs.2,250.[source]

Even our review of Aakash tablet can be summed up in few words – it just isn’t useful.

Akash : Cheapest Android Tablet
Akash : Cheapest Tablet? Who Pays the Price?

Future of Aakash Tablet

Even though these reports are not yet confirmed and DataWind expects to get a Letter of Credit before January 30th (the deadline), we remain cynical and unsure of this initiative (where are the broadband pipes to get your tablet up and running with data?)

So who wins in the end? DataWind – they have built a great brand just in few months and have got enough orders for their premium product, Ubislate. Also, they could be partnering with Mukesh Ambani’s ambitious’ 4G project that plans to sell tablets at less than INR 3,500 price.

Guess who is the loser here? Hint: It’s not the government.

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