Aam Aadmi Party’s Online Tech Jugad Pays Off Handsomely


Aam Aadmi Party’s Online Tech Jugad Pays Off Handsomely

The AAP’s latest victory in the Delhi Assembly Elections is proof that politics and technology in India are now inseparable. With majority of the voter base being comprised of the youth, AAP’s use of hacked-together technology solutions paid off more handsomely that anyone could have imagined.

Online Donation Drive

AAP referral campaign 3
InviteReferrals, a referral marketing firm, helped AAP reach out to its strong online supporter community to raise donations. The campaign was novel in the way it allowed donors to challenge their friends to contribute to the party, with the reward simply being clean politics.
AAP Referral Campaign 1

  • 21K Donors challenged their friends to donate to AAP online
  • 100K email invites, 10K shares on facebook, twitter, and different mobile messaging applications
  • More than 1 Million people reached
  • Approximately 3,500 people donated through friend referrals
  • Rs 1.8 crore in donations collected through friend referrals online

AAP Referral Campaign 2

Social Media Analytics

Armed with code developed by ten volunteers from IIT-B, the party could monitor sentiments on Twitter in real-time, allowing the appropriate tweaking of its strategy on social media. The algorithm sifted through thousands of tweets, categorizing the sentiments contained within them.
“The program runs a word analysis on a database of many thousands of twitter handles and categorises people’s responses to particular events or issues as negative, weakly negative, neutral, weakly positive, or positive,” said Divyank Agarwal, a member of the team who built the tool, according to MumbaiMirror. “Three or four volunteers would look over the scan manually and the results would be communicated with the Delhi office for them to fine tune their strategy.”
The move paid off, as it helped veer the party’s campaign away from negative issues and towards issues such as women’s safety. The party even admits that majority of the inputs on education and women’s safety for its pitch came through social media.

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