What Corporates Need To Learn From AAP’s Success [Startups Will Disrupt You]

For startups, the lesson is pretty simple. Read -> Meet AAP, the Fastest Growing Startup in the Country [Startup Lessons].

AAM AADMI PARTY's Arvind kejriwal
AAM AADMI PARTY’s Arvind kejriwal

For corporates and the ones who believe they can’t be defeated – AAP’s victory in Delhi is a reminder that there is a Nokia within all of you. There is a Yahoo inside you. And there is a BJP (and Congress) inside you.
That is, NOBODY is too big to fail. NOBODY.
Startups like AAP* are out there to disrupt you – in your own battlefield and these cheaptricks of poaching/bad mouthing/buying media won’t help.

Being Customer Centric Helps..ALWAYS

AAP had a pulse of citizens who are frustrated with increasing crime and lack of attention from the existing government.
AAP build the entire promise around the current pain point of the citizens. How difficult was it for others to realize this? Well, that’s the David vs  Goliath game and underdogs will win because they understand the customer pulse much much better than others.

Plus, Winners Are Creating An Ecosystem

The rules of game has changed and the winner isn’t a single person – but the one who creates an ecosystem of believers.
That’s what great startups do. And that’s what corporates think they do (in ‘all hands meet’).
Startups learn to fail, apologize and fix things. Corporates won’t.
Nobody anymore believes in your corporatish talks (except for paid media). You have lost your believers.
You Big corporates out there – wake up and think!. Startups are out there to disrupt you in each and every way than you can(‘t) think of!
The new era belongs to startups and you better acknowledge/respect them (and learn to do business with them).
* Regarding AAP: I have no political alignment to one party. Irrespective of whether you hate/love AAP, you can’t ignore their smart and scrappy strategy!
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