AAP To Launch Mobile App For Donations; Now Others Will Follow


AAP To Launch Mobile App For Donations; Now Others Will Follow

aapThe Aam Aadmi Party, is easily one step ahead of everyone else. At least when it comes to technology. The party which wants to raise around Rs 200 – 300 crore to contest assembly elections, is launching a mobile app to crowd fund its campaign.

There are many ‘party’ apps around, but with this one, you can send money straight to their donation box! AAP, has partnered with India’s largest mobile operator Airtel to launch its app. It has plans to tie up with other networks as well.

“There are about 750 million mobile phone users in this country. Of these, if we can get even 250 million to donate through their cellphones, then it will go a long way in meeting our target,” says party member Raghav Chadha (via)

With a wireless subscriber base that stands at 881.13 Million, AAP has a large user base to tap into.

Earlier, AAP managed to raise nearly Rs 5 cr to fund its Lok Sabha election campaign through online donations. Earlier, senior party member Yogendra Yadav raised Rs 18 lakh through a Google Hangout he hosted on India’s 65th Republic Day.

Seeing the potential of crowdfunding earlier this month BJP launched its online fundraising campaign through its newly revamped website.

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