Taking Aardvark, the social search engine for a spin

Aardvark is a search engine with a social twist. Instead of you browsing the internet to find the information desired, you post the question to aardvark. It will then mediate between you and the people answering your question, thus leading you to real-time answers answered by real people.

The process is simple. Once registered, you add the bot in your IM (like gtalk), and then post questions to it. The engine then drills through your network, and your network’s network (based on facebook connections, people’s choice topics, your trust factors, etc.); pushing the questions to people it finds are best suited to answer your query.

Here is a sample from my experience with Aardvark –

aardvark qns
Aardvark QnA

How is it better than a normal web search? Unlike web search where we get ten-or-so links to potential sites that may have the answer to our query; here, the answers are from real people, sharing thoughts, sharing experience, giving insights; which should help your decision-making better.
They solemnize that they respond to each and every feedback they receive. And they actually do. Do try it out and leave lots of feedback.

Do tell us about your take on it too!

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