VisualWebsiteOptimizer Rebrands to VWO; Launches A/B Testing Tool For iOS Apps

VisualWebsiteOptimizer, one of the finest products in A/B testing has rebranded to VWO. The company has also launched A/B testing for iOS apps.


The new VWO claims to intuitively provide companies with a better understanding  of how their mobile and website traffic can be quickly optimized to impact  their bottom lines, without the need for HTML or coding knowledge.

New VWO features include:
A/B testing for iOS apps – VWO is the only provider that brings the its  “visual” and code-free web A/B testing technique to iOS. In contrast to  other solutions that require heavy code manipulation that slows down the testing process, or focus exclusively on apps, VWO is the only tool that  combines optimization of web and native app experiences in a single offering.

Segmentation of A/B and multivariate test results – Unlike other solutions that require listing user segments prior to running the test, VWO uses Big Data techniques to collect anonymized and non-personally identifiable visitor data, allowing test results to be segmented in any manner. Testers can discover visitor segments that respond better to certain offers to personalize
websites and landing pages.

New interface with advanced visualizations – New items include more than 20 charts for revenue and conversion rate, which help users visualize the performance of testing campaigns. Revenue charts allow eCommerce and other companies to understand how tests are performing in terms of revenue per visitor, total revenue and average order value over the course of time.

-Automatic testing idea suggestions – To eliminate the complexity of developing A/B tests from start, VWO makes automatic suggestions from its library of more than 100 resources – eliminating the barrier to entry for A/B testing and improving testing frequency.

The launch of the new VWO comes on the heels of the company’s explosive  client growth (3,700 clients in 75+ countries) and a surge in the number of  campaigns tested to date (300,000) by an emerging group of “Power  Testers” (VWO clients who have consistently increased conversions and  revenue through regular A/B testing).

Watch VWO cofounder, Paras Chopra talking about the bootstrapping journey of VWO:

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