NudgeSpot brings carrots to your ecommerce abandoned shopping cart

How are ecommerce companies handling cart abandonment? While some of them follow up with email, nothing beats an on-site upselling/remarketing.

Bangalore based NudgeSpot has launched it’s service that helps ecommerce companies nudge their visitors after they have abandoned the shopping cart or haven’t completed the purchase within a stipulated time. The product is in private beta currently and the startup is working with 17 stores at the moment(across 8 countries including India).

The way NudgeSpot works is that once you signup, you need to embed nudgespot’s JavaScript code, which will nudge the visitor based on their site activity and convert the visitor into a customer.
You can create targeted promotions targeting specific segments of your visitors. You can reward frequent visitors, improve conversions on social media referrals or just tie your promotions to your ad campaigns.

In terms of benefits to ecommerce stores, founder Suresh shares that the product is currently enabling customers to close orders worth about $1000/day (across all customers).

Here is a short QnA with Suresh Harikrishnan, founder of NudgeSpot.

Pi: Why only ecommerce ? Why not extend to SAAS as well?

Great point! To successfully nudge a visitor, it is important to understand what the visitor is looking for. The objectives of both the merchant and visitor is very clear in the case of ecommerce stores – visitors are looking to buy products, and merchant is trying to sell them. In the case of saas, people usually sign up for a free trial, and if the service works out for them, they decide to continue. The ways to nudge a visitor in that case is going to be substantially different from e-commerce visitors, hence not our priority at the moment.

Pi: Future plans?
We plan to come out of beta in another month. NudgeSpot already integrates with Shopify – so merchants using Shopify will be able to use NudgeSpot with ease. We plan to integrate with a few more platforms like Shopify in the coming weeks. We want to simplify selling for merchants by understanding their visitors better – and we are looking to partner with people/companies that can help us reach our goals.

If you are running an ecommerce company, do give NudgeSpot a nudge and share your comments.

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