Abandoned Shopping Cart Remarketing : See how ecommerce companies are using it to increase conversions

Remarketing is typically synonymous with online advertising wherein if a customer browses your website and leaves without making a purchase then you can follow the customer by displaying him your ads when he is browsing other websites. I have come across many websites that have smartly employed this new online marketing tool.

There’s another interesting form of remarketing (email remarketing) which is the subject of my latest experiment. If a customer visits your website, browses your catalogue, adds a product to the shopping cart, enters his email address but doesn’t complete the transaction (could be due to a lack of interest or some error during the payment process or even a broken internet connection), the situation is commonly known as abandoned cart. While most e-commerce sites would consider this as just another case of a failed conversion, the smarter ones would take it up as an opportunity to re-engage the customer so that he can complete his purchase. Here’s how:


Since you have the customer’s email address and are aware of the products that he added to his shopping cart, you can send him a reminder email about his incomplete order and give him a single click option to resume his shopping on your website from exactly the same point where he left.


I did a simple experiment on some of the popular Indian e-commerce sites to figure out which ones are indeed using email remarketing to win back customers. I added a product to my shopping cart on each of these sites but didn’t make the payment.

Among the few Indian e-commerce websites that I tried this experiment on, I found Flipkart.com and Myntra.com to be using the remarketing technique for their abandoned shopping carts. Their reminder email listed all the products that were present in the shopping cart. The email had a clear message and call to action for the user to resume his transaction. The price/payment value of the products was not mentioned though. Would have liked to see that as well.

Know of more such implementations? Please share.

[Guest article contributed by Abhishek Rajan, General Manager at One97 Communications. He earlier contributed: Password security and Indian Ecommerce Companies].

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