The False News of Abdul Kalam’s Death And Irresponsibly Powerful Web

Few minutes back I accidentally peeked into Google trends data and found that the keyword ‘Abdul Kalam Death’ is rising at a volcanic rate. And its not just Google search, the death rumors of ex-president  has made it to twitter trending topic as well.abdul_kalam_death

The funny thing is that people have already started missing him and are wishing for his soul to rest in peace, without even checking the facts (he is alive, fyi).

Irresponsibly Powerful Web?

We earlier covered how Irresponsibly powerful the Internet is, citing the recent case of Rohan Rathore and the Bhagat Singh controversy.

While one can blame it on the mass (and the need for instant gratification), this is the beauty of Internet – all it takes is one tweet, one retweet to grow virally!

Reproducing from an earlier article:

Fortunately web is made of you and me, who can keep our minds open and think twice before spreading what we don’t know about. Remember what you share is what defines you on the social web, so before jumping to instant gratification of sharing a story, do realise that your drop is contributing to make a larger lake, which you wouldn’t want to smell foul.

Lets heal the web and make it a better place, for you and for me. There are people dying at wrong dates and people dying who don’t exist.

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