Academics and product development in India – Reality Check

With the empowerment of web, and India being the hub to generate servicing revenues, I wonder why isn’t enough attention paid to improve the academic value system?. I don’t mean…

With the empowerment of web, and India being the hub to generate servicing revenues, I wonder why isn’t enough attention paid to improve the academic value system?.
I don’t mean IITs/IIMs which are well known for outsourcing best resources elsewhere – in reality India produces about 6,00,000 engineers a year.When you look into academic value being rendered to fresh graduate, it’s definitely not encouraging. Most of premiere IT companies hire these resources based on academic performance, but I am afraid would they anytime look into what’s been taught ?? [anyways they have world renowned training centers to groom the candidates].

My concern being with the rapid growth of technology advancement I see very few instrumenting some encouragement to the academic value, we tend to always compare India with Developed nations and the topic of discussions being basic amenities, growth factor, economy sustainability and blahhss!! Why isn’t’ academics discussed in these talks?.

A Fresh Graduate [i.e. Fresher : coined by IT majors] who aspires to work with major IT companies [SWIT :call them Satyam, Wipro, Infy, TCS] or major MNC servicing depots,
will literally be unaware of what a product or a servicing factors would do, or how is it effective for his career growth.
I don’t blame the servicing industry. Its a hard truth it generates job and makes a common man live happily, but until when? Won’t we have product developing engineers, or valuable Entrepreneurs?

Its high time we change the academic value system and build the next India 2.0. These are few points which cross my mind when I think of the same:

  • Academics should go hand in hand with the technologies and it’s growth; and not the same rudimentary syllabus anymore!
  • Bring Industry experts to set syllabus, keep in mind the growth for next 10 years
  • No point having adhoc system values and to teach students of age old MYTHS, its time we grow up!
  • Bring entrepreneurial education in academics, make students think on their own feet, rather than shaping them to serve others.
  • Leave IITs/IIMs alone – they always grow, they constitute only 8% of total engineers in INDIA [out of which less than 1 % have pay scale in Rupees]
  • Academic should be the place for a student to understand the Industry and related developments before being a part of industry.
  • Product Development in India is still way behind for simple reason that we have very low profiled academic value.
  • Bring good Industry experts to teach new technologies [Internet, Chip design, Management lessons].
  • teach them product engineering skills [ I don’t want to see my son using a Windows paying freakin $110].
  • If we are capable of developing Brahmos, Chandrayana Mission,Nuclear Reactors, SuryaKiran‘s and many more , why not a Operating System, Search Engine , Programming language,Semantics?

Few excerpts from my research:
In UK/US, less than 15% of the students [of UK,US origin] completing Bachelors take up further studies and complete their Masters, but the known truth being, where in the world did 450,000 get enrolled in US alone for Masters, this time the record 1,65,000 INDIAN student applied for the Masters programme.
Why would a Indian student need Masters degree from UK/US?
Is it because our Bachelors are not worth a white collar job ?I still reminisce a joke by my friend:
What if the Indian IT Servicing Industry doesn’t work for a week?
Well, none of the US banks can do the transactions, Federal govt employees would go haywire,
Planes would stop flying, NASDAQ would declare bankruptcy…….
But what if the Indian IT industry doesn’t work for a month? – US will outsource the same work to other countries and normalcy will resume!

Talk of bargaining power?

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