Accelerate has three stages: build to validate, build to automate, and build to grow.

In addition, there are five swim lanes that you need to experiment with to minimize risk and maximize returns across all three stages.

  1. The first swim lane is building and testing the product, which is where most teams tend to focus initially.
  2. The second swim lane is about going to market. This involves finding and converting prospects into users and buyers, determining the best customer acquisition and selling models.
  3. The third swim lane is about the business model. You need to figure out how to make your customers pay, when and how they are likely to want to pay, and what pricing model to use.
  4. The fourth swim lane involves operations and unit economics. You need to figure out how to deliver your product, solution or experience profitably, and set up the infrastructure.
  5. The fifth swim lane is about building the right team to execute across all of these swim lanes at every stage. This means recruiting, hiring, and compensating the right people with the right skills.

Remember, you were funded to create a new company, not just a product. So, focus on all five swim lanes to ensure success.

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