Now access Facebook using SMS on 55444

55444-1_thumb.jpgFacebook is by far the most popular social in the whole world. In India, also it holds on to the number one position with 78 million users. This number represents a small proportion of the population of the country and there is definitely opportunity for the website to gain users in the country with its ever increasing base.

Since one needs the Internet to access the site this can be seen as a road block to some users who may not have internet connectivity most of the time. Thus there are various ways one can access Facebook without an Internet connection including those from Facebook itself and also txtWeb. These services use SMS to pull stuff from Facebook using specific keywords.

The latest of these comes from 55444, the sms based service by Innoz. Users have to first register here for the service and can then use the keyword ‘home’ and SMS 55444 to access their home feed, ‘timeline’ to access timeline posts, ‘status’ – to post status updates and ‘notification’ to read unread notifications.

These services will come in handy to users using basic feature phones and also to other users that may not have access to internet on their phones. It can also be used when you are in an area where data connectivity is poor.

Seedfund backed Innoz, founded by Deepak Ravindran, a Kannur University dropout, has served over 1 billion queries on the 55444 platform.

Earlier, Facebook had launched an SMS based subscription service for Pages in India.

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