Access Internet via SMS and Voice – HP Launches SiteonMobile

HP Labs India has announced the launch of ‘SiteonMobile‘, a technology that can make Internet content and services available to the masses even for low-end mobile phones.

The cloud service, developed by the India research team, allows Internet access just using SMS and voice, instead of the Webpage-based browsing method.

Using HP’s platform, businesses can create ‘Tasklets’ which represents a sequence of interactions needed to perform a task on the web.

Access Internet Via SMS
Access Internet Via SMS

Instead of requiring the user to navigate the Web in a number of steps to achieve a task, the series of steps required to complete the task are encapsulated in a cloud application that HP calls TaskLet.

Watch this demo video

Mobile phones users can access specific information on the Web or complete a transaction online by sending an SMS or calling up a number that invokes the relevant TaskLet on the cloud. As far as PC users are concerned, they can run a TaskLet by clicking on the corresponding icon on their computer screens.

An interactive voice response (IVR) system and SMS server in the HP Labs cloud enables mobile users to access the information and transact using SMS or a phone call – source

The adoption obviously comes from ease of creating applications, as the product is targeted towards SME crowd.
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