AceQA – Job Portal for QA Professionals

AceQA, as the name signifies is a job portal for QA professionals and is focusing on building a community of testing professionals.

AceQA is differentiating itself from the other job sites by making employers pay for accessing resumes, i.e. Pay-per-resume model.

AceQA’s pay-per-resume model lets employers browse through complete profile details of the job seekers for free. Employers can buy only the chosen profiles using the Pay-Per-Resume model (currently Rs. 250/resume).

Though the Pay-per-resume model seems interesting (used to be a super hit during web1.0 days), it is very likely to get short-circuited by LinkedIn – and the ones who will do this will be recruiters.

What’s really commendable about the site is the entire idea of verticalizing the job requirement to one specific niche – i.e. QA professionals. Most of the job sites these days are turning out meaningless and I still believe that there is a room for innovation in the online job industry and the oldies will face tough competition in the coming years.

What’s your take?






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