Achieving Flow: 8 Different Stages Of Yoga

  • Yama: one must achieve restraint from acts and thoughts that might harm others.
  • Niyama: obedience, follow routines in cleanliness, study and obedience to God. Help channel attention into predictable patterns and hence make attention easier to control.
  • Asana: ways of sitting and holding postures for long periods without succumbing to strain or fatigue.
  • Pranayama: breath control, aims to relax the body and stabilizes the rhythm of breathing.
  • Pratyahara: Withdrawal, learning to withdraw attention from outward objects by directing the input of the senses.
  • Dharana : holding on, is the ability to concentrate for long periods on a single stimulus and thus is the mirror image of the earlier stage of pratyahara.
  • Dhyana: one learns to forget the self in uninterrupted concentration that no longer needs the external stimuli of the preceding phase.
  • Samadhi : self collectedness, when the meditator and the object of meditation become as one.

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