Gurgaon Based Ad Box Brings Realtime Cloud Based System for Digital OOH Advertising

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Gurgaon Based Ad Box Brings Realtime Cloud Based System for Digital OOH Advertising

Outdoor advertising mostly brings to mind the film posters stuck on to spit stained walls. But of late, things have been changing. Digital outdoor advertising is slowly picking up. If you’ve been to one of the swanky coffee joints or an upscale locality, you would have seen that the hoardings have been replaced with digital signage.

There’s very limited technology used to manage these signages. Gurgaon based Ad Box want’s to change that. The startup, barely over 6 months old, provides a cloud based real time content management platform for digital screens and tablets for advertising and branding.

Ad Box Dooh

Ajay Dimri, a marketing and sales executive with over 20 years of experience and Arpit Chhabra, an NSIT graduate have teamed up to start this venture. The idea is to become an end to end solution in Digital – OOH media sector.

As per the team, the solution works over low speed internet as well. The solution can be used to manage content that’s streamed on digital signage. It can support multiple screen size and various kinds of displays. It also supports videos, images, websites and RSS feeds.

The screens can also be two way so that customers can interact with advertisers. It can also integrate with the advertisers social media channels.

The OOH market size increased from about Rs 16 bn in 2011 to Rs 17 bn in 2012, according to a report by PwC. The report said that the OOH market is evolving from the one dominated by traditional posters to digital panels.

Digital OOH has already entered the Indian market with infotainment platforms. For instance, LiveMedia has over 5,000 screens at venues such as shopping centers and others, said the report. The overall OOH market is expected to grow 11% CAGR over 2012-2017. The forecasted growth is likely to be the second highest in the world [PwC report].

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