BK Birla Unveils ADalBDal – A Platform to Exchange Products

BK Birla who recently rejoined his former company Asklaila, has now announced the launch of a new product – adalbdal.

Pronounced as “A Dal B Dal”, the new platform will allow users to upload pictures of used goods that they want to sell or swap to people. He announced the launch of adalbdal on his personal blog.


“And here we are after months of work on a simple product which has the potential to change lots of things.  And when I say lots, I actually mean it. We have a simple platform for you to exchange stuff you don’t need any more – http://www.adalbdal.com/

First of all let us get our pronunciation correct. It is pronounced as “A Dal B Dal”. Do it right or you will be punished by atleast 10 PJs from me.”

Adalbdal has been built to be location aware and protection against spam, he said in the post.

The platform is similar to groups like Facebook groups Garage Sale and Second to None, but is more organised and e-commerce in feel.

Also, Birla recently took over as CEO of Asklaila.

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