Now Block Ads On Your Android Device With Adblock Browser


Now Block Ads On Your Android Device With Adblock Browser

Adblock Plus, one of the most widely used Chrome desktop browser extensions, is making its way to Android smartphones in the form of Adblock Browser that blocks ads by default.


The app is built on the open-source Firefox Android browser, and while Adblock already builds an extension for Firefox’s Android browser, the company says its features were very limited.

Adblock Browser is currently available in Beta and the company is still working on resolving bugs and improving usability. Performance as some early users note is a bit worse than Chrome.

In order to use the Adblock Browser, users need to first signup on Adblock Plus’ Google+ Community page, from where they’ll be able to download the APK.

Once that’s done, installing the app is a breeze, but you’re going to authorize Android OS to install apps from unknown sources for the installation to begin.

The browser is currently available only on Android, but the Adblock Plus team hopes to have it on iOS around summer. Windows Phone user? Well, you’re a bit out of luck, as Adblock is currently focusing on Android and iOS only.

Ultimately, Adblock Browser will include controls to allow users to decide how they see ads though no such functionality is included in the Beta build.

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