Adblock Plus Will Form Independent Board To Filter ‘Acceptable Ads’

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Adblock Plus Will Form Independent Board To Filter ‘Acceptable Ads’

Adblock Plus is planning to form an independent review board to determine whether ads qualify as ‘acceptable’ and are allowed to pass through its filters, said Eyeo GmbH to Wall Street Journal on Tuesday.

The board will have representatives from online publishers and media companies, marketers, advertising companies and consumers and is expected to be in place during the first half of 2016.

Adblock Plus currently allows ads from 700 companies which passes through its filter by default if it’s found to be acceptable according to some predetermined policies and are required to be non-disruptive, annoying or intrusive to users. The new independent review board will have the freedom to alter these criteria as required, says Eyeo.

Eyeo recently faced criticism for accepting payments from companies including Google, Microsoft and Taboola, in exchange for including them in the acceptable ads program.

“Users determined the original criteria and can object in our forum to whitelisting proposals, but since we were the only ad blocker to offer such a compromise we have taken on a large role in the day-to-day maintenance of the criteria,” says Till Faida, co-founder of Adblock Plus. (Source)

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  1. @dhilipsiva – Your concern is very right. But you cannot compare virus with ads. Lets consider Ads on Nextbigwhat, do they annoy you or cause any virus issues? Ads on porn or heavy spam sites, do have viruses.
    Look media sites works on ads, blogs are dead things without ads. Some Blogs and Media sites proposed sophisticated ads to their users. ex-,
    (I’m only considering sticky ads, no floating or pop-up ads)

    I think this is the right decision.

  2. What the ….? This is like saying an Anti-virus company will form an Independent board to to allow some viruses to execute. Block ads is the core reason! And they are forming a board to precisely not do that properly?

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