Guruji’s Ad Optimization Platform, AdIQuity Crosses 2.5 Billion Impressions per month

Guruji’s cash cow, the music search service is dead and the company later launched a mobile ad optimization platform, Adiquity that enables Mobile Publishers generate higher monetary returns from their mobile properties. Adiquity applies real time optimization on global ad inventory  accessible through its several ad network partners from across the world.

Essentially, Adiquity sits between the mobile ad networks and publishers and the mediation engine applies real time optimization on ad inventory to deliver high fill rate and CPM. AdIQuity’s mediation and optimization technology ensures the selection of the most appropriate ad for a mobile ad request taking into account several signals including geography, category, devices, carrier information, ad type, pricing etc on a real time basis.The platform realizes the critical importance of latency/response time for its publisher partners and the optimization technology uses advanced algorithms to ensure that ads are served on its publisher sites with the quickest response times possible.

When we last covered Adiquity  in April, they were doing around 1.5 billion impressions/month and have now touched 2.5 million impressions/month, i.e. addition of almost a billion impressions (monthly) within 3 months – a good growth sign (company currently has partnerships with 30 ad networks).

AdiQuity Traffic Distribution

  • South Asia: 51%
  • Europe, Middle-East, Africa:  25%
  • South-East Asia: 10%
  • North America:  10%
  • South America and Australia:  02% each

Given the rise in mobile ad networks and app developers, Adiquity does fill an important gap in the appnomy– i.e. delivering performance based ads in the entire flow ensuring that publishers get the optimized rates. Do you think this is the pivot Guruji was looking for?

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