The Future of Ad Tech? AdNear Tests Data Collection Via Drones

Drones are seemingly everywhere these days, from beaming down the Internet to the most remote locations on earth to helping frame the perfect shots in a wedding.
AdNear has now come up with yet another innovative use of drones, collecting Wi-Fi and cell tower signals which help locate devices without the need of GPS or operator assistance.
The company has been using cars, bikes, trains and even human power to collect such data, and recently began testing the use of drones.
Drones are unsurprisingly perfect for the job, having better altitude coverage, being able to go to locations beyond roads and can be programmed to follow GPS controlled paths.
Moreover, the use of drones would significantly reduce human intervention, and can assiminate a large amount of location data in a short period of time, helping AdNear boost market entry times.
The company plans to use drones in select geographies once the tests conclude, collecting information that’s crucial to its audience profiling data.
This then ticks all the boxes for the privacy police to freak out over – the culmination of drones and data collection. AdNear however clarifies that it only collects signals passively and does not record videos or photos.
Still, it will be interesting to see how the company navigates the vague legal and security frameworks to put drones to use.

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