Mosquito ringtone for your mobile : adult-proof your ringtone [Innovation]

Ringtone for a specific age group? makes available downloadable ringtones of varied frequencies. These ringtones cannot be heard by most people over the age of thirty.

The idea of the mosquito ringtone dates back to as early as 2005, when a British inventor had these tones setup outside shops to discourage teenagers from hanging outside these shops. These high frequency sounds were so uncomfortable to the teen ears, that they would move away, but the more serious and elder customers would be unaffected by it.
Natural adult hearing loss is particularly acute at higher frequency ranges and most adults can not hear the ultra high frequency ranges after a certain age due to the condition known as Presbycusis.

Have you heard of the phenomenon where one invents something, and it finally gets used in wildest possible way?!? Right! That’s the same that happened with this invention. Some teens converted the ultra sonic frequency into a ring tone, calling it the “teen buzz”; and thus the supposedly adult-proof ring tone was born.

The ring-tone didn’t work too well for my age range. 😛 What about you?

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