Rs. 250 Crores Campaign for Advani’s Campaign..Will it Work?

Advani, on the lines of Obama is positioning himself as a ‘change agent’ – at a massive cost of Rs. 250 crores advertising budget.

“Advani will be hailed as a leader who could ‘lift India’s economic spirits’ out of the current downturn in a campaign costing the party over Rs 250 crore.

Advanis Signature
Advani's Signature

The Congress too is not to be left behind. In a big-ticket campaign, the Congress will launch itself to woo the voters soon.
It will play up Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi among others as agents of change and development. The Congress-led government of course has already channelised Rs 200 crore from its coffers into a pre-election campaign titled ‘Bharat Nirman’ on the lines of BJP-NDA’s ‘India Shining’ campaign launched five years ago.” – source

Advani’s Tryst with Social Media

The ad agency for BJP has created

As far as advertising is concerned, elections 2009 can potentially bail out the online advertising industry (say even if 20% money is funneled to online advertising).

What’s interesting is that many regional party offices have tied up with mobile players for voice ads (NDNC? Well, Indian politicians do not give a damn to NDNC) – and of the web companies, Google leads the Internet advertising.

If you are an ad network (know the list of online ad networks in India, Mobile ad networks in India), or have anything to do with advertising world – do not miss this chance.

Obama was an underdog (read: Lessons from Obama’s Victory, Analysis of Obama’s social media campaign ), but in case of Advani (and all other politicians) – most of us already know his political agenda. Do you think this massive advertising/social media campaign will help Advani?


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