Time to Stop Ads That Suck And Revisit Advertising As A Service


Time to Stop Ads That Suck And Revisit Advertising As A Service

Advertising is probably the most hated thing in Digital Space. Everybody shows ads on their websites and it’s a good for monetization but then everybody feels threated by advertisements and think of them as some sort of distraction to their users. Perhaps, what they fear is not the advertisements itself but the people behind them i.e., advertisers, whose sole motto is to make money without thinking about the users and how they feel.Advertising_as_a_service

On the other hand there are Advertisers, who think they are not getting enough return for their Investment and then there are users who don’t get any value from Ads and feel trapped by them. But there is one thing one thing no one can deny, As long as the internet exists and flourishes, ads would exist too and since we cannot kill them, we can only mold and make them better!

To bridge this gap between Advertisers, Publishers and users; Advertisers need to understand what Advertising as a Service is and should put it in action. Although the term “Advertising as a service” (AaaS) is long exist, we merely see it in action. So I believe, now we should revisit and put it in action soon before it gets worse or in other words, before the click through rates fall even further!

What is “Advertising as a Service”?

The Idea is a result of the fact that people don’t use internet with a sole motto to see Ads, they use internet for their own needs and Ads are shown to them when they are on internet so, here Ads aren’t primary purpose of their visit. If the Ads are not useful, nobody cares about the ads and worse, everybody might actually hate them. Simply put, Advertising as a Service means to create useful Advertising. Advertising with some thought into it to create value to the users. 

Let’s see how we can put it in practice:

1)     The rule of thumb is to provide users more info about products or services. Think about Google Product ads as an example of Advertising as a service. When you see a product ad, you see the picture of the product, the name and the price. Think about it, that’s probably everything that a user needs to know! Now that user have a choice of different products, user can make a decision very easily. In the same way, our job is to provide as much of information as possible without trying to trick users desperately to click our ads.

2)     Partnering with the publishers and coming up with innovative ideas to showcase products or services. Now, I must admit this one is tricky. A little bit of overdose might make the advertisers unethical but then it’s a great thing to do. Here, we are providing the users a service by partnering with the publishers and showcasing our products/ services along with them.

3)     Providing Actual Services that users can really make use of, this is the toughest of all, Think about Twitter Bootstrap or may be it need not to be so tough. Think about Hub Spot Signals. Have you ever used it? It’s a chrome extension that lets you know whether someone have read your email or not. It might not be much but then it’s a good example. Even doing tiny contributions to the ecosystem can make us stand out!

I agree that the problem with Advertising as a service is, our efforts may not be converted into direct sales right away. But then, I guess no one can deny that our efforts would make us stand out and help us succeed in the long term.

[About the Author: D.S. Charan is the CEO of 16 Symbols, A Delhi based Digital Marketing Agency. You may find him on twitter at @dschrn.]

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