Advertising Market in India: TV and Radio to grow faster than the Print

According to the latest Pitch-Madison Advertising Outlook report, the electronics media industry will grow at 22 per cent in 2008, which will be a 3 percentage points more than the growth it achieved in 2007.

Advertising Market Stats/Projections:

  • The overall advertising and media industry is expected to close at Rs 21,314 crore in revenues in 2008, riding a 20 per cent growth rate
  • Television advertising market is projected at Rs 8,674 crore in 2008
  • The print industry stands at nearly Rs 10,000 crore.
  • The cinema medium will corner around 0.7 per cent of the total advertising budget in 2008.
  • Outdoor media industry will grow at 14 per cent to touch Rs 1,454 crore,
  • Radio is likely to record a 40 per cent growth in 2008 to touch Rs 672 crore [via BS]
    And the most awaited:
  • Internet advertising will constitute only 1.7 per cent of the overall advertising spends in 2008, up from the current 1.4 per cent.

What’s really driving the growth in Television industry is the focus on regional language channels. Network 18 and NDTV are going very strong in the local market and emergence of regional channels/ shopping channels is becoming an attractive play for local advertisers to invest in.

This is where online advertising has a major challenge – lack of regional content and substantial number of eye balls to monetize.

Do you think Mobile Internet can overcome this challenge? What’s your take?

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