“I am a wounded soldier but, ready to march on and take more”- Housing’s Advitiya Sharma

“There was a lot of momentum in last one year. It was becoming a cool thing to be a founder however, startup should be more than that.”

Once working 18 hours a day, Advitiya Sharma, one of the core founding members of Housing.com on Wednesday announced his resignation from Housing and plans to be back to the startup world in next 10 days.

Real Reason For The Resignation

Advitiya believes that the whole startup ecosystem has drifted away from the fundamentals of building a product.

“There was a lot of momentum in last one year. It was becoming a cool thing to be a founder however, startup should be more than that. It should be focusing on fundamental problems,” said Advitiya.

“Last 6-9 months had been very tough for all of us. From 2700 we came down to 1300 employees. Starting from our vision, we had to restructure everything again. But, now we have regained our stability and it was just the right time.”

Elucidating his resignation, he said, “I woke up on the day of “Mahashivratri” and decided to speak to Jason about my resignation from the company. It was a very spontaneous decision.”

But, Advitiya surely has great confidence for the current management system in Housing which is being led by CEO Jason Kothari. He asserted that his team had built a great product and believes that his management will only strengthen it further.


There were a total of 12 founders during the start of Housing, five of them had left before him and now six are remaining. His relationship with other co-founders goes long way back before the start of company.

“Well, everybody was shocked at first. But, I had been explaining this to them for quite some time and gradually they understood and supported my decision.”

What Next?

“I am an entrepreneur at heart and am hungry on working more for my next venture.”

Advitiya plans to spend some time with his grandmother and rest of his family before attending Vipassana and see what more does this universe has to offer him.

” I am a wounded soldier but, ready to march on and take more.”

He believes in addressing fundamental problems of society and so essentially plans to build a product around  finance, education and clean technology as he believes these are the fundamental problems this society needs to look into and none of the startups have managed to achieve any major success in this.

[By Prabhakaran and Sanghamitra]

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