Meet Afsal, Delyver Founder : The First Ever Hyperlocal Startup [#BraveTalk At UnPluggd]

[At upcoming UnPluggd, expect a lot of straight talks and candid conversations.]

Before hyperlocal, marketplace” or “on-demand delivery” became fad, a bunch of youngsters launched Delyver, the first logistics play (at scale) in Bangalore.Afsal-Delyver

The company was way too early for the market, had its own struggles with fund raising. The team faced rejections for various reasons – right from being too early, to (we are guessing) being non-IITians to (again, we are guessing) focused on revenue/profitability and not fancy metrics.

Unlike current companies who are losing money on each and every transaction, Delyver actually charged fee to restaurants and aimed to maintain unit economics. The company was acquired by BigBasket earlier this year.

Hear it out from Afsal, cofounder of Delyver on lessons learned building the company and well, The Story of “Delivery Boys” before the ‘ Hyperlocal Delivery’ Boom.
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Date : December 12th.
Venue: Start Convention Center, J P Nagar, Bangalore.
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