Samsung launches thinnest notebook in India on the backfoot

Shiver me timbers! The latest press release by Korean electronics giant Samsung is talking of the number of hours it spent to design and develop a new product. One wonders if this has something to do with the expensive lawsuit that Samsung just scraped through. The company is calling it world’s thinnest and most compact premium notebook. And its got single shell aluminum body, a keyboard, trackpad, operating system, battery, RAM, processor, 13 ” screen, solid state drive, rectangular in shape…ah, wait till you find out what Apple has patented.

Besides the usual chest thumping and grandstanding we see in press releases, here is the part that caught our eye

The Samsung Series 9 required 9,000 hours of design work and 24,000 hours of R&D—a total of 33,000 hours invested by Samsung designers and engineers—to ensure it conserved premium design aspects without compromising performance or functionality. The Samsung Series 9 features Samsung’s MaxScreen technology, which minimizes the bezel size while maximizing the screen size by an extra inch.

Some features of the Series 9

* The 13” Series 9 measures only 12.9mm (0.5”) and weighs just 1.16kg (2.5 lbs)
* Aluminium single shell body
* Intel® Core™ i7 Processor
* 256GB solid state drive (SSD)

The Series 9 is priced at Rs 1, 02,990. Samsung today also announced the launch of its new Notebook Series 5 550P with Intel’s 3rd generation Quad Core processor.

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