After Do-not-call Registry’s Failure, it’s Do-Call

TRAI’s NDNC (i.e. National Do-not-call registry) has failed bigtime (telemarketing companies just didn’t give a hoot to TRAI’s ) and the Supreme court has now ordered the explore the possibility of having a “Do-Call” registry!

..with the introduction of this register, telemarketing companies would call only the registered cellphone users. Unsolicited calls made to all those cellphone users outside the register would be illegal.[source]

Do  Call!
Do Call Telemarketeers

In my opinion, major reason for the failure is also attributed to mobile user’s lack of action in reporting these telemarketing calls (how many of you actually reported a violation?).

Will Do-Call registry solve any purpose?
I don’t think so – but what this really does is that it does validates the business model of permission marketeers in india.

What’s your opinion?

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