Ahmedabad based startup develops LPG kit for 2-wheelers, and is looking for angel funding

Ahmedabad based startup, Lords Automotive has developed a LPG kit for 2-wheelers and is looking for angel investors for their initiative (funding of around ~150K USD).

Few features of the LPG kit:

  • Worlds’ first L.P.G kit for 2 wheelers; designed as per U.N. regulations.
  • Dual fuel operation i.e. runs on L.P.G/Petrol.
  • Nearly 50% savings in fuel cost.
  • 34% reduction in oxides of nitrogen, 15% reduction in carbon dioxides
  • Virtually zero evaporative emissions of hydrocarbons
  • Carbon Monoxide 50 – 60% reduction in tailpipe emissions
  • Smog 30 – 40% reduction in exhaust emissions
  • Well researched, legal approvals of components.

The product has been tested and the team will soon approach A.R.A.I (Automotive Research Association of India) for commercial license.

As far as the market size is concerned, India represents one of the largest two-wheeler markets in the world, with an estimated size of 5.4 million units a year and growing approximately @ 12% y-o-y.

If you are a VC and interested in talking to Rajesh Nair (founder of Lords Automotive), send me a mail {ashish [at] NextBigWhat.com}

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