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Artificiality won’t cut it in a world driven by artificial intelligence.

That’s why we’ve made it even easier for executives and managers to get up to speed with Artificial Intelligence with a comprehensive course that will have them primed and battle-ready for a whole new world of challenges.

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Self-Paced Course
(12 weeks)

30+ Hours Of High Quality Content

Exclusive Guest Sessions
With AI Experts

Who is this course for?

  • CXOs
  • Product Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Team Leads
  • Related Roles

This course is for business executives and managers to help them learn about actionable AI & ML tech in-depth. With a special focus on how the industry is leveraging AI with real-world use cases and innovations by the innovators themselves. 

Put AI in practice.
Gain an edge on your competition.

Learn how to leverage the real-world advantages of AI for your company.

Understand AI today, where it’s headed
and what you need to know to not just
stay in the loop but ahead of the curve.

Discover how to efficiently and productively deal with AI vendors.

Learn how to build a result-oriented AI team that can reap meaningful benefits for your company.

Self-pace, online and mentorship. All in one simple package.

Learn and grow along with our course modules plus personalized mentorship offered by our team of experts. You will also have access to interviews with the top AI thinkers and product leaders from across industries.

Gain comprehensive immersion
into the world of AI.

What You’ll Learn:

Implementation of AI in your workplace

The AI course will deliver Real-world, practical learning to you.

play with datasets (like a boss)

That is, you will be super comfortable having a deep conversation with the engg as well as leadership teams.

To select the right algorithm, evaluation framework

You will learn to model evaluation frameworks and interpret Machine Learning in your context.

To build AI and data science team

You will learn to play the role of a leader and build the AI and data science team effectively.

Is AI fundamental to the future of cybersecurity?

+ Exclusive Guest Speaker Sessions

We have scoured leading AI firms to find some of the best minds on the subject and conducted exclusive deep dive interviews with them. Learn from them and their experience as they share actionable insights which will help you grow.

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Course Modules

Focused. In-depth. Actionable.

Introduction to AI, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning

  • History and Background
  • Basic Concepts

Data Types, Data Distributions, and Exploratory Data Analysis

  • Types of Attributes and Data Sets
  • Statistical Data Distributions
  • Data Pre-processing
  • Measures of Similarities and Dissimilarities
  • Exploratory Data Analysis

Supervised Machine Learning

  • Problem Formulation and General Approaches
  • Classification Algorithms
  • Regression Algorithms
  • Two-class versus Multi-class Problems
  • Evaluation of Classifier Performance

Unsupervised Machine Learning

  • Problem Formulation and General Approaches
  • Most Commonly Used Clustering Algorithms
  • Overview of Approaches to Evaluate Clusters

Supervised learning and applications in predictive analytics
Code-less machine learning tools (azureML)
Reinforcement Learning and Deep Learning

  • Overview & Introduction
  • Application Areas

ML and DL frameworks and Libraries
Different AI frameworks and libraries
Building an AI and Data Science team
Result oriented AI strategies and roadmaps

  • End-to-End Projects in at least 2 Industries
  • (Problem Statement, Data, ML Approaches, Evaluation, Business Impact)

Interviews With AI/ML Practitioners & Thought Leaders


Ashok Boddeda

senior director, qentelli innovation

Ashok Boddeda is technology researcher and evangelist with 16+ years of IT exposure to various domains and worked with enterprises across the globe. Professionally a senior director of Qentelli Innovation and AI research divisions and has done extensive research on Artificial Intelligence and machine learning concepts. Implemented Machine learning in the real time scenarios in enterprise level applications for Microsoft open source stack divisions as well as trend researching on different domains. 

Chaitanya C

chief innovation officer, ozonetel communications

Chaitanya C is the Chief Innovation Officer at Ozonetel Communications. He has 19 years of experience in technology and research. His Master’s thesis in University of Florida (2000-2002) was on cloud computing where he built intelligent agents for automated shopping. Teaching has always been a passion for Chaitanya and after coming back to India in 2002 he was an Associate Professor in various engineering colleges in Hyderabad for 6 years before starting up Ozonetel. At Ozonetel he was instrumental as part of the core founding team to build a successful $10 million ARR startup handling 4-5 million calls per day. His current role as Chief Innovation Officer requires him to come out with innovative solutions in AI and speech to improve contact center operations. He has worked on multiple speech and text datasets and built core AI modules for Ozonetel.



Do I need to be a programmer to do this course?

No. This course has been designed exclusively from the ground up for managers and executives who may be from a non-technical background. 

what does self-paced mean?

Self-paced means that a student is free to choose the time frame within which he/she completes the course and the accompanying assignments.

will i get a certificate?

Yes. You will be receiving a certificate from NextBigWhat upon completion of the course and projects.

how is the course curriculum covered?

There are 11 modules as listed above as well as exclusive guest speaker interviews that combine to form over 30+ hours of content.

is there an emi option?

Yes. You can find EMI options during the payment process. You can contact us using the form below for any further questions about this.

i have a question that is not listed here

Feel free to contact us using the form below or on We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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