Introducing frAIday: A demo day for AI Indian Startups

One statement from Sam Altman and the India tech world is going all-in on either justifying him (yeah, India cannot build a Google or Facebook) or debating why he is completely wrong.

But then, there is this other community, which is..heads down building. Doesn’t matter whether they are in Bangalore, Mumbai, Patna, Jaipur..they are leveraging AI and building cool products.

The products that will define the next India.

Introducing frAIday

AI Demo for Indian Startups
AI Demo for Indian Startups and ProductGeeks

A day when 3 selected AI makers will demo their product to the ProductGeeks community.

  • No business plan conversation.
  • Just the product demo
Every frAIday: showcasing best of AI innovation from India
  • When: Every frAIday
  • Time: 5 – 5:30 PM IST
  • Where: Zoom (virtual)

Apply for Demo Slot

Here goes an exclusive opportunity to highlight your product to a vibrant virtual gathering of 100+ people, including engineers, early adopters, founders, and investors.

The pitch specifications are as follows:

  • A concise 7-minute slot (5 minutes for the demo, followed by a 2-minute Q&A)
  • An authentic, live demonstration of the product (done on Zoom)
  • The product demo must be conducted by the makers themselves
    (no bots allowed πŸ€“ )
  • NO-PPT policy to keep things direct and engaging

And the best part? It’s entirely free of charge! Grab your chAI and enjAI the frAIday demo.

Register to attend

  • A lovely way to connect with other AI Productgeeks
  • It’s free to attend
  • Grab some cHAI πŸ™‚
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