AI : Hype Vs Reality

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the new IoT when it comes to hype. It’s everywhere, promising self-driving cars, medical breakthroughs, and new ways of working.

But how do you separate hype from reality? How can your company apply AI to solve real business problems?

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  1. Agreed with AI being the hype word in today’s times (same as when mobile apps \ web 2.0 \ cloud where out new),but its going to be part of any product that will be developed in near future which involves developing of human related complex logic which takes time and effort to get done now.
    I have been working on AI and ML for past 6 months and after implementing few use cases I see as part of development it illuminates lot of complex logic based on use cases, instead of it we train the system and it shall figure out the results and level of accuracy(which is based on training).

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