AI-Powered Robot Introduced to Enhance Life-Saving Capabilities on Goa Beaches

Image Credit: Techcrunch
  • Artificial Intelligence-based self-driving robot, Aurus, and AI-based monitoring system, Triton, are being used to increase life-saving capabilities on Goa’s beaches.
  • The increase in beach-related incidents due to the rising number of domestic and foreign tourists in Goa has led to the incorporation of AI-based support.
  • There have been more than 1,000 rescue incidents in the past two years along the coastal belt which required assistance from the agency’s life savers.
  • Aurus is a self-driving robot developed to assist lifesavers by patrolling extensive non-swim zones and alerting tourists during high tide.
  • The Triton system provides an AI-based monitoring of non-swim zones, thereby alerting tourists of the danger and notifying the nearest lifeguard station.