AI Roars at Harley Davidson


AI Roars at Harley Davidson

When the owner of a New York City’s Harley dealership fiddled with AI, the dealership leads shot up by 2,930 per cent in just three periods.
Yes, now how’s that possible? By using business logic, tapping the KPIs available for Harley-Davidson NYC and past campaign performance for sniffing out unknown audiences, and by injecting the best budget allocation across digital channels. Word has it that it was also possible to weigh in performance of different word choices or colors on the creative. Seems like sussing out trending behavior can help an AI brain to optimise the marketing and ad performance for new data inputs too. But the best was picking out 'lookalikes' in the wild – yes, people who resembled previous high-value customers and therefore were more likely to make a purchase.
Now that’s not a far cry from what marketers are queuing up for. Interestingly, when EverString and Heinz Marketing did a survey of over 300 B2B marketing and sales professionals on AI, 71 per cent appeared interested in using AI for personalisation, 58 per cent for customisation, 53 per cent eager for it to improve marketing effectiveness in driving revenue and 86 per cent all set to measure success with KPIs tied to pipeline or revenue.
The road looks tempting from here.

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