AI won’t take your job, but will change how you work: 2020 AI Predictions from IBM Research

IBM Research has unveiled its annual five predictions for AI in 2020:

– AI won’t take your job, but it will change how you work: AI will continue to impact the workplace for years to come. But the fear that humans will lose their jobs to machines is unjustified. Rather, AI will transform the way people work, through automation.

– AI will understand more, so it can do more: The more data AI systems have, the faster they will get better. But AI’s need for data can pose a problem for some businesses and organizations that have less data than others. That doesn’t mean they can’t count on the support of AI.

– AI will engineer AI for trust: To trust AI, these systems have to be reliable, fair, and accountable. We have to ensure that the public can be certain that the technology is secure and that its conclusions or recommendations aren’t biased or manipulated.

– AI’s appetite for energy demands greener tech.

– AI-powered lab assistants will discover new materials.


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