Introducing #AiBoss Series: In-depth Interviews with AI Leaders

India’s first and most comprehensive series around AI.

AI has become the next ‘I can play guitar’ buzzword.

Every company and every developer that has used even basic pattern matching technique (thank you, PERL) is now claiming to be an AI expert!

We, at NextBigWhat, are attempting to drive forward the conversation around Artificial Intelligence in India beyond headlines that scream for attention but don’t offer much, buzzwords that make your head buzz after a while, and countless utopian tales that vie for your eyes only to leave you with a scratching head and a lingering itch to actually get to the meat of the matter.

AI BOSS SERIES: Interview with AI leaders in India
AI BOSS SERIES: Interview with AI leaders in India

On the one hand there is heady mainstream buzz but nothing in-depth, while on the other, corporates and startups are being feted for incremental AI advancements which pale in comparison to the kind of progress we hear and see from the two giants in this space: the US & China.

What exactly is happening in the AI space in India?

To cut through the PR and the noise, we have decided to conduct in-depth, incisive interviews of top leaders of AI-based companies across sectors in India, from B2B to B2C, and draw out actual insights to help you get a true picture of the artificial intelligence terrain in India.

In this spirit, the #AIBoss series intends to educate, inform and elevate our readers understanding of the subject as well as the space. If you’re part of the leadership team of an AI based product, from enterprise or startup, willing to share your AI learnings – then reach out to us and become part of this initiative (you can apply using this form).

Note: The series starts March 1st week.

We are also seeking partners/series sponsor : If you are a company who is keen on promoting AI and is looking for a great platform to showcase your AI solution, please get in touch.

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