The guys at Witworks pinged Air Asia and nudged them to buy some of their products. And within a few hours, Air Asia ended up ordering Trippy in huge numbers, as the founder Somnath shares with us.
Sounds like a normal day? Definitely No!
Indian corporates aren’t known to be so fast and friendly decision-makers – especially when the product isn’t out in the market yet.
Trippy is a device which attaches to any speaker with a standard aux cable and turns them into Wi-Fi enabled speakers. With Trippy, you can stream any music/audio from your phones or computers to your speakers. The team is currently raising money to execute the project.


Done deal !
Lesson learned : Unless you ask, the answer is always NO.


  • not sure if they agreed to buy them or deliver them to Delhi? Why did they approach an airline for an end user consumer product?

  • @grimmjow, they have pre-ordered these products; and not for the delivery. 🙂 AirAsia India’s Ancilliary division will be adding it to their catalog for in-flight sales. The tweet mentioning “getting some Trippes along” was just a fun way to ask for it.

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