Passengers on select AirAsia flights will now have inflight access to Twitter and other social media platforms.

AirAsia Tweet

AirAsia group CEO Tony Fernandes announced the move via a Tweet on-board one of the company’s airplanes from 30,000ft.

The company has tied up roKKi, a provider of inflight entertainment and connectivity, in order to launch the service.

Access to Twitter comes as an enhancement to the on-board Wi-Fi service that AirAsia launched last November.

Passengers will be able to access Twitter while flying by purchasing a roKKi Chats Instant Messaging package. It also includes access to apps such as WeChat, WhatsApp, LINE and Kakao Talk.

The service is priced at Rs RM9 (INR 152) for a total of 3MB of data use while on board any of the select AirAsia flights.

AirAsia is offering the Wi-Fi service on almost 4,000 flights a month and plans to grow that number as it starts equipping more aircraft.