Live Video Streaming App Airgol Raises Funding From Parent Company, OnGraph

AirgolAirgol, the video as a service app which launched at UnPluggd, has raised a fresh round of funding from its parent company OnGraph Technologies and has released a bunch of new features.

The app, which can be used to upload and share videos as you record it, has also enabled offline recording.

The company launched a new site and a new Android app which supports both audio and video. The new app also supports anonymous recording for casual users who don’t want to sign up with Facebook or E-mail.

The app can also support offline recording. The app also detects if the user is shooting under low network connectivity and switches automatically to offline mode so that the recording is loss less.

The funds, raised in February this year, will be used to develop the product and create viral marketing campaigns, said Baati Mittal, Founder of

The company has also updated its iPhone app with new features around sharing.

We loved the offline recording feature as well as the ease of sharing videos live. Give Airgol a spin and let us know what you think.

Download Airgol for iPhone here & for Android here.

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