Very Clever: Goibibo’s design for selecting airline seat on WhatsApp #Design

Goibibo has launched a very nifty feature enabling Goibibo customers to select their fav airline seat on WhatsApp.
From their official post.
There were 4 major problems/limitations we had to solve;
1. Show the entire layout on screen without any redirections
2. Demarcate the different categories of paid seats (Yes front of airplane Aisle is expensive than the rear one)
3. Limit the number of user inputs (To as low as single word reply for free seat!)
4. Make a scalable design (A320 vs A380?)

Why so many hearts? Well, because that’s the only emoji with 6 colour options!
And the result of this nifty feature? Seat bookings increased 5X in the first few days after going live.

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