Airtel App Store – 13 million downloads in 4 months

Airtel app store (App Central appstore) was launched in the month of March, 2010 and within 30 days, the company claimed 2.5 million downloads.

The app store, it seems has taken off and Airtel now claims 13 million downloads in 4 months of the launch.

One of the main reason for this adoption (though, downloads do not mean usage) is probably the fact that the app store is integrated with Airtel’s billing solution (in short, you don’t need to pay via credit card, all your transactions will show up in your monthly bill), erasing the entry barrier for subscribers.

I have played with Airtel app store earlier and one of the features I enjoyed is the experience with the purchased apps. Once you have paid for the app, and lets say the app gets deleted, you need not pay again – a simple and no-nonsense feature that builds a trust in the system.

If you have been playing with Airtel app store, do share your experience, especially with apps usage.