Airtel Blocks MyToday’s longcodes – Confusion over NDNC/Opt-in


Airtel Blocks MyToday’s longcodes – Confusion over NDNC/Opt-in

MyToday is facing the NDNC heat from Airtel, as the latter has blocked their long codes.

Airtel has blocked the longcodes we use for people to subscribe (9845398453 and 9845298452) because they received some complaints from people. [We did try and address the issue as to why people would complain, but that didn’t seem to help.] What we are being told is that the 3.7 million MyToday database needs to be scrubbed to remove all NDNC-registered users (about 10% of the base).

At the heart of the issue is whether an explicit SMS Opt-in done by a subscriber overrides an NDNC registration, or should it be the other way round. Rajesh

This is quite weird as Airtel has asked MyToday to get all of their 3.7mn subscribers to approve their subscription (for MyToday sms channel) in writing or speak to TRAI – as unpractical as it gets.

Isn’t opt-in/NDNC equation simple? Even though I have applied for NDNC, I can still opt-in to receive alerts.

Basic freedom to chose what I opt-out of and opt-in for..Right?

Here is Rajesh’s take on NDNC vs opt-in:

It seems, big brother (i.e. operator) feels threatened to see somebody else sprouting using their service.

What’s your opinion on this entire matter? Are you a little surprised to see Airtel’s seriousness over NDNC (especially with MyToday subscribers?)

What do other sms services players (Google?SMSGupshup?) have to say on this issue?

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