News Roundup: Broadband Price War, UTV’s Bindaas Buddies, Web Spiders: Netwings Info..and more

Airtel has slashed the broadband price by upto 43%

  • 1Mbps speed connection tariff at Rs 1,699 from Rs 2,999 a month.
  • 512 kbps connection charge slashed by 31% from Rs 1,599 to Rs 1,099 a month
  • Download limits on 8 Mbps and 16 Mbps plans have been doubled to 50 GB and 100 GB respectively (source).

Expect a pricing war (which hopefully trickles to QoS, quality of service as well)

TringMe Powers IBM’s Big Blue Button Campaign

IBM has launched a Big Blue Buttom Campaign (link) that provides a convenient, single-step facility to get to the specific IT expert. The IBM Client Rep will offer you the solution, product or service that you need to address your critical business challenge – details.

Web Spiders picks 51% stake in Netwings Info

Web Spiders (India) Pvt Ltd, a Kolkata-based software consulting firm, has acquired 51 per cent stake in Netwings Infotech Pvt Ltd (NIPL), which is engaged in delivering fibre optic networking and GIS solutions.

Netwings has already worked with Reliance Big FM’s Mumbai station for weather updates and forecasts and expects to

First EGoM on 3G spectrum gets deferred

The first meeting of the Empowered Group of Ministers (EGoM) constituted to take a decision on the pricing of spectrum for third-generation telecom services has got postponed, making the wait for 3G services in the country even longer.

UTV Bindass’ plans to go mobile

UTV Bindass has launched Bindass Buddies on its community platform in association with Virgin Mobile. The aim is to create a college community that is wider than any individual’s friend list.

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