Airtel launches Data sharing plans : Share your 3G connection with friends

Airtel has launched data sharing plans that allows customers to share unlimited data usage amongst two of their friends or family members or among 3 of his own devices.

As customers today access more than one device for data usage, the 3G data sharing plan will enable data sharing between prepaid and postpaid customers. The data plan can be shared only with customers on Airtel network within the same circle up to a cumulative usage of 5GB post which customers can continue to access unlimited data at a speed of 80Kbps.

Airtel 3G Data Sharing
Airtel 3G Data Sharing

To get started, sms DATA SHARE ADD <number> to 121.

3G in India

3G in India hasn’t yet taken off in a big way, thanks to the steep price and confusing rate plans. India’s 3G adoption is among the worst among the top 30 countries and the overall 3G connections in India stands at 33 million, i.e. 4% of the overall subscriber base (read : 3G Adoption Challenges in India).

We earlier conducted a poll to understand the reasons for low 3G adoption in India and it’s quite clear that before Airtel (and other operators) come up with such data sharing plans, they need to fix 3G connectivity.

  • 34 % respondents mentioned that it is pointless to have 3G plan as most of time it gives users a 2G like experience.
  • 26 % respondents have pointed out that 3G service is OK only in some parts of town, otherwise its pointless.
  • 26 % respondents believe that 3G works and it is fast!
  • Overall, 74% isn’t so happy with 3G and we believe that the price point of 3G services is also a big deterrent.

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