Airtel Launches 40 Mbps Internet in Hyderabad With VDSL

airtelTelecom major Airtel has launched its VDSL ( Very high-bitrate digital subscriber line) in Hyderabad. With this launch Airtel has become the first telecom company to deploy VDSL at 40 Mbps in India, with “Ultrasonic” 40 Mbps plans starting from Rs.3,299 for 100 GB of data, the company said.

The two newly launched plans with the VDSL technology are:

  • Ultrasonic 3999 offers 200 GB data usage along with 2000 free voice minutes
  • Ultrasonic 3299 offers 100 GB data usage along with 1000 free voice minutes

VDSL is the newest and most advanced standard of Broadband wireline communications. But this technology will come with its own set of drawbacks. Unlike ADSL, which is the currently popular DSL technology in India, VDSL has range limitations. The further the computer is from the telephone exchange, the connection speed drops tremendously.  For example, theoretically VDSL can reach max speeds up to 250 Mbps, now this speed can drop to nearly 100 Mbps by moving the computer just half a kilometer from the exchange. This speed will further drop to 50 Mbps if the computer is one kilometer away from the exchange.

Hence we will have to wait and see to how wide the service will be spread as even in the case of ADSL during its initial launch dates was restricted to certain localities. Even to date telcom companies are not able to provide speeds above 8 Mbps to all areas without inspection. And with plans starting from Rs 3299, this service is clearly targeted at the upper premium segment.

While most users won’t be needing such high speeds, the power users are obviously going to give it a spin.

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