Airtel Pilots QR Code Based Recharge to Do Away With 16 Digit PIN

Airtel has launched an interesting way of recharging your phone using QR codes. All you need to do is buy the QR code recharge coupon and scan it and approve. Recharge done. No more 16 digit pins to be entered.

The coupons will be first sold in Andhra Pradesh and will work only on Android. Wait, there’s more. It is only available in Rs 25 denomination (hopefully, more on the way).

Airtel is not the first to do this. In October, Vodafone launched these QR code based recharge coupons in Qatar.

QR codes haven’t been very successful in many markets. But this seems to be quite an interesting use case. It’s definitely easier than keying in 16 digits or waiting for the IVR.

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